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Pre-School Classes

For our smallest pupils

Our programme for our smallest pupils includes day-time and weekend classes in Dance, Music and Gymnastics

Creative Movement
A class for pre-schoolers to express themselves creatively through dance, using a variety of music, props, games and stories. A musical movement adventure to be found every week!

Dance A Story
Come and imaginatively move your way through classic and contemporary tales! Cinderella, Goldilocks, The Bear Hunt & Monkey and Me are just some of the stories we will explore together using our bodies, rhythm, music, songs and props. Prepare to be amazed!

Pre-school Ballet
A magical first ballet class for children aged 3 and up, full of imaginative dance, songs and play.

Pre-school Street Dance
Fun, energetic dancing to funky (appropriate) music for active boys and girls aged 3-4.

Class Timetable

two young children playing together in a pre-school class